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Christmas Card for a Human World (without Sarkozy)


Javier Solana, EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, noted during the conference in Naples in December 2003: "Some might say what is the process of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation (...)? Designed as a space of cooperation in anticipation of the peace, it is de facto an area complicated by conflict."

As long as Mr. Solana asked this dreadful question, neither he as a representative nor the European Union have then been able to break the moral deadlock, but rather they would defend themselves by a speech of mere promises which certainly have no power to conceal the serious responsibilities of Europe vis-à-vis the heavy economic dependence of the Maghreb. This dependence is never cured or abated, it is maintained, "fed" and ultimately caused, as we have seen in the military intervention in Libya, who was consequently required, designed and predisposed by a Machiavellian and cynic group of power that has international tentacles and its executive head in the actual French President Sarkozy. No need to be oracle to know that by the sure perspective of economic regression of Europe, his popularity, despite his tactics of lies and promises, is going to plummet. Unable to find answers to problems of social integration of immigrants, cultural communities' balance in the Republic, migratory pressure from the employment crisis, it is now visible in its bare shady intentions of colonizing Africa and soon planning the same for the Middle East. Manipulator, skilful schemer with intelligence know-up, got from its former position as Interior minister in France, lately the old fox mutated suddenly in a rapacious hawk for Libya, as he thought it could be "its own Iraq " in competition with the United States. In early sign of his calculator cynicism , French President Sarkozy, during his visit to Tunisia in late April 2008, for talks on economic agreements between France and Tunisia with Ben Ali, a "friend" whom he could not "teach", as he stated in the press, had also taken the crucial step of his "security policy", that of illegal immigration. It was just to comfort French people that Nicolas Sarkozy let them dream that the thorny problem of the integration of North African and Muslim masses in French society could be solved with a banquet in the company of Ben Ali and the promise of building a nuclear power plant in Tunisia in 2030, when beyond any reasonable doubt we could never find the two friends in power ... This is what appeared in the account of his state visit published on La Presse de Tunisie, which stated inter alia:

Questioning why the Barcelona Process has not reached those goals, Nicolas Sarkozy said they resulted from the position adopted by Europe, which sees the Mediterranean as part of the past, while 'this region is our future' , which may rise to a 'spectacular success' or 'a tragic failure '. (1)

Indeed the precipitated France’s entry into a military conflict in Libya, in February 2011 in support of a politico-tribal armed uprising that the French government had fed itself with its secret service, the frenzy to gain possession of new oil concessions and the infrastructure’s re-build following the massive and murderous bombings, are all signs that Sarkozy has probably decided, in my opinion, for ''a tragic failure'', as all this Machiavellian plans revealed themselves to be ineffective in destroying the resistance of the people loyal to the Libyan leader Gaddafi, and the geniality of his teachings of Jamahiriya social democracy.

The political or strategic result of putting hands surreptitiously on the resources of the leading country of Africa, by initiating military action with the obvious participation of a vicious NATO organization called on "humanitarian grounds" in support of an organized revolt, is indeed nothing but Mass Murder, as this caused direct massacre of tens of thousands of civilians, more than 60,000 victims of this abominable plan, often entire families and children killed, unimaginable sufferings, like the martyred city of Sirte completely destroyed by aerial and ground bombardments, and moreover the most cynical and criminal lie of democracy and rights, producing the unspeakable torture and gross violations of human rights and even war rights committed in total impunity and media coverage by the same Islamic extremists that the West is said to fight, but ultimately associated with its own imperialist and depraved schemes. Nothing but Mass Murder which should include of course the total loss of moral credibility of West’s politics and especially that of a cynical and megalomaniac man who sits shamefully Chief of State of France, without any genuine human feeling, so that he can stand next to a disgusting Hillary Clinton, Secretary of the Nazi-American Zionism, the same who cheered the brutal, ignominious lynching of leader Muammar Gaddafi, the great Colonel that received most recently as friend. Should be a need to remember, the hero of the “White Revolution” had decided to stay in a understandable and courageous decision against the treachery of the West, in his hometown Sirte where he has been hurt by an air raids and he has been barbarously dragged dying by the cry of ' Allah waAkhbar ' by spiteful gangs of jihadist militants in the trash net of the Western Alliance. What kind of democracy or human rights state will never be able to rise by these savage hordes belonging to the new power in Libya? We shall see soon the advanced human rights in a country where the “human” is gone away! We will also see the advanced women's rights, hanging out in burka or niqab under the yoke of Sharia imposed by the new friends of France, between them the treachery’s master Abdeljalil Mustafa with his obscure programs, thanks to France, the land of Voltaire and Montesquieu!

What these new acquired political cops of Sarkozy! He is not even worth the boot of the Grand Colonel who first braved the Anglo-American schemes in September 1969 with no bloodshed, leading his country to a path of social, political and economic liberation, spreading ideals which came in the real genius of the old visionary Bedouin by a passionate love for his Land. Love for Libya, for Africa as for a world united by sense of dignity and equality against any imperialist apartheid. And how much sabotage, how much hatred the countries of Western capitalism returned against him, before any other the United States, with Libya under embargo and bombing and the Leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya under the target of commando killers up to the fatal day!

But the Libyan tenets of Jamahiriya do not die, nor do the teachings of popular direct democracy, nor the Leader Gaddafi is removed from the millions hearts of true patriots, despite the murderous hatred and all the NATO-sponsored tags, and those of theirs deadly friends! Could you ever imagine Sarkozy be a martyr for France ? No, say it laughing, Sarkozy has now really lost. He has definitely chosen a "tragic failure" for Europe and the West, creating just a huge site of death in Libya, another hopeless place of conflict such as Iraq, dragging behind many other heads of state in the same treachery towards the African continent. The hypocrisy of his words echoes with even greater significance in the results of the social unrest in Tunisia in January 2011 bringing to the collapse of the President Ben Ali. In power for twenty-two years, it was still trying to get in June 2009 for Tunisia "advanced status", to establish a stronger partnership with the European Union in March 2010. He submitted to Brussels a document that the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule qualified for important, stumbling particularly on the subject of freedoms and human rights. According to a statement released by the Associated Press, the European official noted that "the ambition to advance cooperation should apply to political, economic, social, energy fields, investment and cooperation, justice and freedom, but also that of human rights and the rule of law". [2] Despite the good promises from Tunisia, the cooperation agreement, under which the European Union committed to grant Tunisia a budget of 240 million euros in the period 2011-2013 [3] was suspended immediately after the situation of repression by Ben Ali's regime during the social demonstrations in the south and inside the country in January 2011. There was, however, no need at the time for a "humanitarian intervention" of Sarkozy and his misanthropic friend Bernard Henry Levi, even to tell some words, in the oil and gas poor Tunisia? No surprise that since the beginning of social unrest in Tunisia, the French foreign minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, believed that France was not to "give lessons" to Tunisia. To this, Jean-Pierre Sueur, President of the friendship group France-Tunisia in the Senate, could replicate in a brilliant article published by Le Monde: "France does not give lessons to Tunisia but it must speak clearly, as it does to other countries in which it condemned the policy..." [4]

The intervention in Libya, implemented by France under "humanitarian" pretext to catch up such a diplomatic-offered disgrace by doing an international crime, separates the West from any honour bound to a real peace project, knowing clearly what the Tunisian newspaper Essabah, and two major Algerian newspapers, El Khabar and El Watan among others, soon said without failing [5], that military intervention was fed only by the Libyan oil that sharpens the West’s appetite. An anti-capitalist journal online, apart from the almost absolute silence of criticism in the mainstream media, said at the right time:

"The same people who justify the bombing of Libya on humanitarian grounds, are directly involved in the repression of the democratic movement in Bahrain and Yemen. Troops from Saudi Arabia and the UAE have entered the country at the request of the king of Bahrain and with the approval of Obama to suppress entirely peaceful motions and assassinate the leaders of the movement. "[6]

While the back-and-forth of military EU coalition aircraft guided by France was raining missiles on Tripoli and unprepared defensive infrastructure of Gaddafi, Tunisia changed three times a transitional government, knowing a period of exceptional chaos, a period of violent social demands, lawlessness of some areas where " there is bitterly the illegal occupation of land belonging to the State, invasion of holy shrines, illegal search of archaeological areas, looting of homes and shops ... " [7] At Sidi Bouzid, major outbreak place of the revolt of January 2011, even the natural parks are not spared from violence and vandalism against agents, equipment and animals. In areas near the Libyan border and other maritime areas, groups of criminals organized clandestine departures almost with impunity, and thousands of illegal immigrants landed on the Italian coast of the island of Lampedusa, causing expenses and sufferings to the populations, of which France washed completely the hands, adopting a policy of rejection of any Tunisian illegal immigrate as from North Africa in general. Where the "humanitarian concerns" expressed by Sarkozy for Libya, ever vanished here? Sarkozy’s demagogy breaks down. The truth defines itself clearly: all has been done to maintain Western economic and political subjugation of the Maghreb and Africa, and for an indefinite time confiscate their future.

Now it is just HERE where Europe's diplomacy faces the question of its own survival, as long as within its geographical borders in continuous expansion, inside the social body of its multiform and multilingual and multinational diversity, is too often blunt hypocrisy the real stuff of its politics. Europe must not be separated from its soul, as nobody could ever forget the religious heritage that founded its civilization. And above all, it cannot, at the price of disappearing by its own sin of pride, put itself at odds with the luminous message of the Messiah from Nazareth who was first included in all ethical codes beyond national differences: recognize in the love of God to manhood, the fundamental principle of respect for human life. Say it is a Christmas thought, or a Christmas wish, nevertheless this is what we must emphasize above all else, if we really want to realize the deep moral and legal gap in relation to the human rights between Western and Third World countries or to those defining Muslims. And that's why I send this Christmas card: France cannot wait more anxiously the departure of someone to his home; enough for the "mad dog" of the Elysee that Reagan did not have the time to know: an incomparable hypocrite and liar whose name is Sarkozy.

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