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Against the submission to Islamic veil in Iran by Federica Mogherini EU High Representative

Against the submission to Islamic veil in Iran by Federica Mogherini EU High Representative

Open Letter  - to Ms. Federica Mogherini, European Union High Representative

Letter of protest to her submission to the imposed Islamic veil in Iran, as free woman, as democratic representative and as High Representative of the European Union and of the principles of equality that this Union should embody, represent and protect to the face of foreign countries and in the world relationships of the European Community.


as many readers and viewers, but with a delay due to summer distractions, I have had the unpleasant surprise to see you, in the images diffused by international media during Your meetings in Teheran with the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, under an Islamic veil that painfully echoes to me the torment of millions of Iranian women to which the chador has been imposed after the deception of a revolution that evidently - and as You well know - was also an international plot in 1979 to uproot a monarch, a glorious Shah, who wanted to bring his country to levels of economic progress and liberty in the rights of conscience formerly unknown in the Moslem world; and that inevitably arouse economic envies and sabotages against his country’s security also from western "allied" countries already creeping around. So this history goes on and you also, since few years ago, like to “cover it with a veil” (but perhaps not so dramatically before today); this last occasion confirms therefore what, according to you, has to become a new custom necessary to Europe: maybe to submit herself to Islam?

I don't write this letter to you uniquely as voluntary and free-lance Human Rights activist in a Tunisia more and more torn internally, more poor and insecure for her future and for her frontiers threatened by the terrorism of that jihadists departed by her same territory to attack other Arab countries, nations as Libya, Egypt and Syria that have much suffered in human terms, in economic and civilization matters; as the terrorists were behind "revolutionary" chimeras that have much to do with Khomeini’s ideological legacy to Iran ;

I write to you for a personal human wish, after different mails I already sent to you through the EEAS (European External Action Service) that however never received an answer, but also and moreover after my precedent Open letter published on this blog, that has been successful on public reading, to say finally to you by the present how I’m literally shocked by Your repeated political gesture in Teheran.

And besides, absolutely convinced that the official explanations given by EU Foreign Service are not satisfactory, because to the protocol whims from a despotic regime one can utterly respond with refusal, or with the delegation of a subordinate diplomat, to replace certain haughty theocratic characters to their human dimension of arrogance. And it is only so that some regimes can be complied to let the principle of human equality among the peoples finally triumph. Such kind of reflection I won't miss to propose to a personality that I deeply admire for his human appointment and his philosophical abilities, and I speak of a person of great world responsibility, seen the proximities and the strategic views, Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

Because I think that this has not been a personal choice of Yours, not a gesture of religious respect as when you personally visit a synagogue, for instance, but it’s a very symbolic signal of obedience to protocol "norms” that offend the same diplomatic practice, in so much capriciously and uniquely demanded only in Khomeinist Iran, and, as long as You’ll appreciate my sincerity, this gesture of Yours constitutes a bow to autocratic, xenophobe and antifeminist norms that are the real mark of this regime, diametrically opposite to our civilization values of equality and dignity in the relationships between the man and the woman, as from long and undisputed European tradition.

This "reverence" to a tenebrous theocracy incapable of self-reform, to a regime that is countersigned for its cruelty and violence toward every form of protest, above all juvenile and at university, and that is at the centre of a vast literature of opposition, particularly of those Iranian women that have been the first victims of these forms of oppression, of discrimination and  persecution, up to the jail and up to the exile, all this, I’ll tell You, offends me deeply, not only as activist for the Human Rights, but also as Italian, Your fellow countryman therefore, and as European. 

These images, without any aesthetic, of a singular protocol’s imposed chador on Your head of High Representative of the European diplomacy, humiliate me as Italian, indeed because so proud of the justness of the good and honest journalist and writer that Oriana Fallaci was and is presently to the memory of millions of Italians and free citizens of the world, as long we feel at comfort with our Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that Khomeini's Iran till now despises. Because the writings of Oriana Fallaci had us almost prophetically announced today's reality of moral subjugation of Europe to the DIKTAT of an Eurabia [1], her "dhimmitude" - I believe that the term is not unknown to You - toward which a financial exploiter without any scruples as Iran really pushes us, playing the road companion of Qatar, a country that is on the vertex of the terrorist financing of the Islamic State, perhaps fictitious seen USA protectionism, and that doesn't even have shame of it. I’ll keep silent here, because I think that we understand each other and many people will understand too the matter I’m speaking of.

But, I said, remembering the example and the courage of “our" national Oriana, I felt proud of morally participating, identifying even me to the famous gesture of challenge that the then young woman journalist brought infront of the arrogance of Khomeini himself: that to get away the bulky chador, which had been her strictly appointed, at the end of her famous interview!

You have perhaps forgotten this:  yet I consider that once You were enrolled into the juvenile movement of the Italian communist party! How to forget then this great example of human liberation from "a fool medieval rag?"  

You, like many informed Europeans; avid to read touching human testimonies, are now not moved anymore by Marina Nemat’s book "Prisoner of Teheran", which gave the script for a recent cinema version? The real case of the young Christian woman, of Russian origin, that refused to follow Islamic lessons at school and was therefore imprisoned and tortured, still teen, in the infamous jail of Evin?  There -as many other women whose memory has been darkened forever– she has been raped and then forced in a perverse blackmail to marry the jailer to save her family, forced to abjure her faith, to which she will return once free from this hell of regime, the same to which you offer today Your support in the name of the European union? The slap of humiliation that we all receive from it, we Italians, we Europeans, we Westerners, we Libertarians and not libertine Islamists, is quite unbearable!

Perhaps You have not even read and morally caressed the human empathy of the famous "Reading Lolita in Teheran" of Azar Nefisi, the extraordinary Iranian writer that many times went to  Italy to present her work and her testimony that has described us so well and persuasively the bestiality and theocratic hypocrisy of an ignorant fanatic as Khomeini. Some religious Shiites have had the courage, certainly talking from freer places in the world than Iran, to report it. If however you didn’t read any of these books, of these witnesses that represent same Calvary of the human and above all female tribulation, I can morally excuse you then of an otherwise unforgivable forgetfulness during Your last meeting in Teheran.

I am not able, rather we are not able - as certainly I’m not the only one to perceive this bitter mistrust and human pain - to marvel us that "euro-scepticism" is spreading further as oil stain today, bringing a serious damage to the image and the integrity itself of the European union, a Union that should be above all of humanistic and universal ideals, not a pure alliance of financial affairs and the result of NATO expansionistic appetites, but the reflex of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, first great chapter after the bloody last World War,  as a sign of rebirth symbolized in its high expression in Geneva, 1948.  Expression refused from the theocratic and oppressive regime of Khomeini’s Iran, and therefore showing us a true dictatorship that must be called with its true name, really departing from this refusal of human universality of civil rights. And inevitably ending in the verification of the monstrous number of body-inflected sentences and death sentences, particularly unfair because they strike fragile people, without suitable juridical assistance, and because they are publicly inflicted with hangings that show the reality of an horrid, unhealthy and psychologically abject theocracy, and because in its vast jails, a number certainly not easily reportable of prisoners, after the promises-lies of the “imam” Khomeini to abolish its use, suffer till now horrible and inexpressible torture.

We cannot play, of course, to believe in the demagogy publicized by this regime, one that is so hateful as equally hypocrite and liar.  Hateful - I insist in the use of the adjective - because as You cannot certainly ignore – present Iran denies, with a negation that is of State, one of the greatest tragedies of the modern history, the Jewish Holocaust, as it denies with a position of human contempt that becomes the real anti-Semite characteristic of this regime, the dignity and the perennial right to existence of the Jewish State, of an Israel consecrated by History, that today Iran doesn't want to recognize.

How many assassinations, as atrocious as revolting, and how many terrorist attacks have been operated by the theocratic and oppressive regime of Iran, without remembering the vastness, the gravity and the international consequences of them, while this same regime has illustrated itself in demagogical attacks and the defamation of other states of the world, of the West, of Israel, of the same Europe that today you represent? A loose aggression against the West that today You oddly forget and from which you don’t request any excuse, any moral wage of future good behaviour; and here I need to remember particularly the grisly murder on terrorist background of the Iranian opponent Chapour Bakhtiar in Paris, where he was a political refugee and where he was betrayed despite closer protection accorded to him by France as State guarantee and nevertheless the crime happened in very embarrassing police circumstances. I sincerely have a good formation on conspiracy’s ramifications and "silent" assassinations operated in an almost perfect secret by the Islamic Republic of Iran, of which the opponents living as refugees in foreign countries fear so much the long operational tentacles at world level, United States and Europe included. But I won't write anything on this thorny subject, since not of the space of a simple letter I would need, but of the tomes of a whole specialized encyclopaedia on the theme.

Today this terrible threat on the West, hidden by Rohani’s clever smiles, the cobweb of its ideological-theocratic absolutism that is tangible despite façade’s flexibility, on the background of the false Arab springs, stretches itself on Europe with the same vast degree of Your very symbolic “reverence” to the enslavement that the chador implies, as Oriana Fallaci well understood, and whose ceremonial employment in the diplomatic frame that You have adopted couldn’t do better publicity to a regime truly hated from any human rights supporter, just for its own antifeminist and discriminatory hatefulness.

We will wait for the promised reforms, that I believe however lies  as the dissimulation’s schemes of which Khomeini was absolute teacher, with many faithful and sadist pupils until today, but in the meantime I really wish that a great number of Iranian women, not certainly following Your example but in open rebellion to Teheran’s regime, freed themselves of the gloomy chador that suffocates them and hides us their particular oriental beauty, the beauty that shined around at Shah’s epic times, peace to his soul.

As good Farewell demands, I sincerely wish to You a consequent European diplomatic overhaul in the uneasy Middle-East puzzlements.

Best Regards,

Nino Gaetano Mucci


[1]  See Bat Yeor's consistent review of the geopolitical concept of "Eurabia"

Wearing (again) the Islamic veil at last official Teheran’s meetings, European Union High Representative Federica Mogherini shows particularly to forget the tragedy of women rights in Iran, that are discriminated and often imprisoned for ideological motives, when they are not sent to death row with consequent public hangings; in such sense the Chief of European diplomacy in front of such Islamist deceitful regime, still subdued to Khomeini’s hateful preaches and views, abdicates to her duty to sustain the inalienable rights of the women, of the equality among the sexes, of the liberty of faith, of conscience and of opinion that are the crowning of our Universal Declaration of Human Rights after the end of the last World War (1948), as long this Declaration of universal rights is not recognized by the Islamic Republic of Iran, responsible of crimes against humanity, applying rudely the Shar’îa or Islamic Law, for instance allowing the marriage with female children of only 9 years, practising dishonourable and inhuman body-inflected punishments, and in spite of this, with the arrogance to demagogically sell off itself for a "democratic regime", demagogic deceit that Ms. Mogherini publicises acting irresponsibly against the prestige of the European union and damaging consequently the democratic and libertarian image of the same Union

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